Basically, memes are humorous pictures that have started getting more and more viral as the years go on. Memes are almost comparable to inside jokes – but on the internet. You will find that most people either get the memes, or they do not understand them. what if meme

A meme can be anything really. There are many different styles and graphics of memes. Ranging from “troll face”, “good guy Greg”, and “scumbag Steve”. Most commonly though, they are pictures which people put their own captions to.

Some of my favorites are the “Hey Girl” series with Ryan Gosling, the “Over-attached Girlfriend” meme, and the Keanu Reeves meme. You can see memes floating across Facebook and Pinterest every day. You can find them all over the internet just type in the word meme on Google and you are bound to find countless images.

Sites like 4chan, and Reddit have help launch memes into everyday life. Memes are used in many different ways, depending on the meme. Take for instance the scum bag Steve meme. It is used to talk about a friend or person that is rather unpleasant. A caption on a scumbag Steve meme would say something like “Borrows you’re lighter, doesn’t give it back. That is just one example of the use.

Since there are so many memes though, the possibilities are almost limitless on what can be made into a meme. Too make a meme you would need to go to a website like There you can upload any picture you want and add any caption you want also. You can also pick already made meme images, and add you own caption too them. If you are really creative though, you could come up with a brand new meme.

ryan goslingLike I said before, the possibilities are almost limitless on what can be made into a meme. It really is up to the creator to make a successful meme. Not all memes are successful either. You will also run into a lot of memes that users have created that really do not make any sense.

But most of the time if the memes are used in the right context they are mostly enjoyed by all. The amount of memes that are being created are growing at an alarming rate. Each day there are thousands of memes being submitted all across the internet. They have really taken on a life all their own!